Ultrasonic Welding – Filter Sock to Rigid Ring

Rinco & Sonobond Ultrasonics Australia –

Ultrasonic Welding is used to effectively ‘weld’ filter media:

Ultrasonic Welding technology can be used to weld plastic components and to cut food products as well as synthetic textiles. Apart from microprocessor-controlled generators, and both machine and hand-welding equipment, the company also supplies components to be integrated with special purpose machinery –

In this video shows a ‘turn-key’ system for high throughput welding of Filter cylinders.

Ultrasonic welding attaches non-woven filter bags to plastic, circular collars. It creates a reliable 360° bond in as little as 45 seconds.

  • Bonds without adhesives or stitching
  • Fast, easy re-tooling accommodates varying bag sizes and collar diameters
  • Easy to operate with only minimal training
  • Produces 50-80 bags per hour


Ultrasonic hand welders, spot welders, standard press welders, and ‘components’ can all be configured for welding of Filter media to suit a variety of welding requirements.

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