Ultrasonic Sewing : Sonobond Ultrasonics

Body Armor, Medical PPE and Similar Products That Require Protection from Water and Other Types of Fluids Manufacturers of body armor can use Sonobond ultrasonic equipment to satisfy NIJ standards for human, canine and equine users.

Need to produce Face Masks ? Medical PPE Gowns ?

Ultrasonics is the preferred method for producing Sealded Edges and Secure Barrier Seams –
Ultrasonic assembly technologies require no thread or other consumables. Instead, high-frequency waves can produce sealed edges and secure barrier seams that meet regulatory requirements. Medical face masks and Medical gowns PPE can be produced with strong, reliable bonds without stitch holes, glue gaps, fraying or unraveling.

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Ultrasonic Sewing / Welding of Bullet Proof Vests

Sonobond’s Ultrasonic Bonding Technology Increasingly Essential for Ensuring Reliable Body Armor Assembly

More than 30 Leading Manufacturers Use Sonobond Equipment to Achieve Improved Production Speed, Product Durability, Cost-Effectiveness and Compliance with Tough NIJ Standards Read more

Ultrasonic Welding – Filter Sock to Rigid Ring

Rinco & Sonobond Ultrasonics Australia –

Ultrasonic Welding is used to effectively ‘weld’ filter media:

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