NEW waterproof membrane welder RoofOn Multi

The NEW Automatic Overlap welding tool from BAK-AG Switzerland –
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Welding of Industrial Waterproof Membranes

Geomembrane Liners, Blind Fabrics, Tarpaulins, Truck & Rail Curtain-siders, Covers, Shade Sails, Printed Banners – in fact almost any synthetic flexible material can usually be welded.

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Waterproofing by Plastic Welding

Waterproofing for commercial, industrial and residential buildings is a critical step in the building and construction of any structure, so it is important to get in right first time. A wide range of “weldable” roofing membranes are available for such applications.
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NEW Automatic Tape Welder from Techspan ‘PlanOn Band’ – 20th June 2013

The NEW Automatic Welder from Techspan, the model “PlanOn Band” is designed for welding of all your ‘tape welding’ needs.

The ‘PlanOn Band‘ incorporates electronic control of Welding Speed, Air Flow, and Welding Temeratures. Ideal for welding tapes of either 40mm or 50mm widths, on truck curtain siders, Tarpaulins, Shade Sails and more. Manufactured by BAK Switzerland, the PlanOn Band welder is designed for tough working conditions, thanks to innovative design & precision engineering.  Read more