Sunnex Task Lighting / Industrial Work Lamps

Seeing is hard work for your eyes. Many parameters need to be configured in order for a focused image to constantly be transmitted to your retina. Most of us are aware of the importance of correct ergonomics and the right equipment when it comes to our posture. But there’s far less awareness about lighting ergonomics. Poor lighting can cause eye dryness, headaches and even concentration problems.  People can adapt to inadequate lighting by changing their body position. Over time, this can cause problems such as repetitive strain injuries.  The light source characteristics, colour, brightness and direction are crucial in determining how long your eye can work before getting tired. That’s why choosing optimal lighting and light fixtures is very important – as important as say an ergonomic chair or the correct working height. Sunnex work lamps are of very high quality – manufactured in Sweden.

The range of Sunnex Task Lights

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