Elma Steam – gets it clean

In addition to ultrasonic cleaning technology offered on this website, steam cleaning or steam jet technology is another core competence from Elma.

Equipped with 8 bar working pressure and either 3 litres filling volume (Elmasteam 3000), or 5 litres (Elmasteam 5000), the Elmasteam is prepared for many different cleaning tasks in industry, jewellery workshops, dental laboratories, dental labs, surgical centres and more. The steam can be produced from city water or distilled water. Due to the high heat output of the machine, a constant steam supply with minimal pressure loss is ensured, even during continuous operation.

Various design variants can be selected from a comprehensive range – view the Elmasteam cleaners here.


Click here to view the Elma Steam Brochure

VIDEO: ELMA STEAM – gets it clean

In this video, see a metal watch strap being cleaned with steam.