Hello Tim
Thank you for your reply yesterday, and have an account with you now and have ordered some gear off the online store, and must say a very friendly site to use ! Again, thank you.

Peter , Weathersafe WA
Hi Tim,
Thanks for such a fast response, on a Sunday as well.
I'll let you know what we discover in the next day or so,
Thanks again

Russell Craig , Australia
We (FloorNZ) really have valued your involvement over the last three years and recognise that without your generous support this event would not have become the success that it has.
Rex McGill, FloorNZ
Hi Tim,
Fantastic, substantive reply. Rare these days. Thank you for that and the links to additional resources.
Have a wonderful day,

Tom Foley ,
HI Tim.

I would like to say THANK YOU very much for your EXCELLENT SERVICE even though my order was just a DVD. You treated it well. Very efficient.
I think you are the fastest replier of emails so far. I have ordered stuff from European websites, They have a habit of not replying to emails.

T.K, Singapore
Yes the Vacuum Former arrived in perfect condition. I have already set it up and had a play. Overall I'm very pleased with it and I think a couple of my friends will be round quite often as they seem to have thought up so many uses. You never know they may even order one as well!
Matt Wiltshire, ACT, Australia

I would like to thank you guys for your brilliant service and speedy delivery - I really needed this ultrasonic cleaner as quickly as possible, and you had it in my hands in 24 hours - just wanted to say a huge "thank you", I really appreciate it!

best regards,

Alan Englert

Alan Englert, QLD Australia
I am in the jewellery manufacturing business so will need to clean polish and grime off jewellery

By the way I have had the same ultra sonic unit now for over 10 years and it hasn't missed a beat
That is unheard of in our trade, other brands usually only last for 3 to 5 years Elma is a brilliant product !

Regards John

John Eberhard - Atelier Pindan, Western Australia
Techspan has provided us with excellent support and service during my association with the Company. We have found the service of a high standard and they can be relied on to assist with problems related to any equipment supplied. We highly commend Techspan both for their knowledge of their products and the help and service they have always given to us.
Jack Tolley, LabServ - A member of the Salmond Smith Biolab Limited Group of Companies
Our association with Techspan now goes back over 10 years and I can honestly say the quality of machinery you supply and the after sales service you have given Alfred Holt have contributed greatly to our present International manufacturing success. The most important equipment you supply us is undoutedly machinery from ENGEL...
David Williams, Auckland, NZL
Excellent service, and much appreciated.
Jacob Viking, Auckland
Thank you very much for the loan of the hot knife. Without it, I would never had met my deadlines. I am very impressed with your service! I couldn't ask for better.
Andrea du Chatenier, Whanganui
Thanks for the amazing service on the foil, helped me out big time.
Dean Keven, TASS PRINT