Hot Air Tools – Spare Heating Elements – Buy Online

Our sister company, Plastic Welding Tools Pty Limited carry a wide range of spare parts for Hot Air Tools, Plastic Welding Tools and our Industrial Heaters.

For our ‘brushed motor’ hot air blowers, we also offer a wide range of the Carbon Brushes.  Also see the large range of our Ceramic Heating Elements.

All of these items can be viewed and verified for you device and ordered directly off the website. Compare our prices and save time and buy online.

We also now carry the ceramic plug-in heating elements for the Techspan TE1600 and Leister Triac AT hot air tools.

We also supply

Did you know we supply a wide range of thermoplastic welding rods, all avaiable for purchase online.

We stock the following welding rods –

How to Weld Thermoplastic

Plastic Welding Tools & Equipment

Here is a range of links for plastic welding tools & equipment you may find of interest. These are selected for use with our plastic welding rods. All sites below are part of the Techspan Group of companies :

Hand Held Plastic Welding Tools
Hand Held Plastic Welding Kits 
Extruder Welders
Automatic Hot Air & Hot Wedge Welders 
Weld Testing Equipment

Industrial Heaters & Hot Air Tools

Heating Elements & Carbon Brushes for Hot Air Welding Tools

Hot Knives & Blades
Polystyrene Cutters & Blades

Line Heaters for Plastic Sheet Bending