4 Purging Performance Tips – use Dyna-Purge

Purging Performance Tips – Purge with Dyna-Purge

When running high temperature engineering resins, you can enhance the performance of Dyna-Purge by following these four tips:

  1. Run Dyna-Purge at the lower end of the temperature range for the processing resin.
  2. When purge is exiting the machine, the following will help to reduce fumes and the potential for auto ignition:
    – Purge piles should be collected as small, flat, thin shapes or thin strands to allow for rapid cooling
    – Purge into cold water Make sure the melt temperature does not exceed 715 °F (379 °C); if necessary, reduce screw speed
  3. Keep the barrel full to minimize degradation
  4. If shutting down, decrease temperatures as quickly as possible. If temperatures are still above600 °F (316 °C) after 15 minutes, displace the Dyna-Purge with another barrel-full as temperatures continue to come down. Repeat if necessary.

Dyna-Purge Technical Data:


Techspan Dyna-Purge D2 vs Competitor Commercial Purging Compounds


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